Extra Dry Tigernut

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Extra Dry Tigernut.


To drink dry, soaked or in horchata. Always delicious.

Horchata Recipe:


200 g of tigernut.

150 g of sugar.

1 liter of water.

Cinnamon or zest of a lemon (optional).


Carefully wash the tigernuts in several waters to remove all the dirt.

Let them soak in plenty of cold water for 12 to 14 hours. Little by little they swell.

Wash them well again until the water runs completely clear.

Place them in a deep bowl with the water and sugar.

With the blender set to maximum power, blend the whole, until the tigernut is pulverized.

Let stand two hours in a cool place.

Strain the mixture and then pass it through a thin canvas, moistened with water. You get a liquid similar to milk

Put it in the fridge to serve it cold

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Extra Dry Tigernut

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