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Sweet chillies

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Piparras: sweet chillies in oil Amanida brand


These piparra are completely mild (not spicy), have a great bearing (length of around 20 cm) and an excellent flavor.

They are in olive oil and come from chillies but they are not hot. These piparras are unique in the market since they give it a delicate and exquisite flavor, with very little acidity and salt.

It is a vegetable developed by this company, which brings together the attributes and qualities of the chilli and the pepper, but it does not bite, maintaining the shape of the chilli but with its peculiar characteristics.

It is a real delicacy to consume as an aperitif, salads, garnish for meat, fish, etc. Virgin olive oil is also added, which provides its smooth and exquisite flavor, and its golden color, possibly achieving the best piparras in the world.

Resistant and reusable container.

Container: 0.75 Liters Drained Weight: 0.35 Kilograms

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Sweet chillies

Piparras: sweet chillies in oil Amanida brand

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