Boot Sardines

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Boot Sardines


Salted Boot Sardines

Whole fish, without gutting or decapitating, subjected to a salting process in brine and pressing, hence its salted sardine mobre.

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Salted and dried sardines, made following an artisanal and traditional process, achieving an exquisite and unmatched flavor and texture. To make salted sardines, they are made with whole fish, subjected to the salting process in brine and pressing, and then placed in a circular container called a vat.

Salted sardines are ideal to take as an aperitif, in an omelette, with broken eggs ... or accompanied in stews, achieving an exquisite flavor and texture, and being a real pleasure for the senses.

Sardine is a blue or fatty fish -10 grams of fat per 100 grams- and is a very good source of omega-3s, which help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as increase blood fluidity, which which decreases the risk of atherosclerosis and thrombosis.


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Boot Sardines

Boot Sardines

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